Forests and Chases of England and Wales

Forests and Chases of England and WalesMargaret Bazeley's map of royal forests (1921)
The map on the left, copyright Graham Jones, in John Langton and Graham Jones (eds), Forests and Chases of Medieval England and Wales, c. 1000 – c. 1500 (St John’s College, Oxford, 2010, distributed by Oxbow Books)
shows the forests and chases so far identified and mapped, at their greatest extent. Not all existed, or were at their greatest extent in the same historical period. Nevertheless, compare this map with that on the right accompanying Margaret L. Bazeley, ‘The extent of the English forest in the thirteenth century’, Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, 4 th Series, 4 (1921) pp. 140-72, map following p. 60. Bazeley was interested in royal forests in a particular royal reign, but not all forests were royal, nor were all chases private.